“When it is no longer financially viable”.. always back to money before ecology.  This is why.  These masses are REWORKABLE by piecing multiples.  These masses can be donated to the needy.  These masses can be recreated into new economies.  This CHOICE to BURN  is intentional and holds great GLOBAL accountability.  The world is watching.  Choosing to continue to cause harm to ecology to serve self INDUSTRY and humanity is INTENT.  Incineration is NOT the only option.. it’s the most suffering option. 


I believe this proves how the “recycling” industry is built for profiting not serving and rectifying.  What an extreme lack of consideration, respect and creativity, and accountability.  Gift it to the needy, and process the rest for recreating.  Your industry markets as sustainability, recycle to reuse and recirculate accordingly .. not for toxic BURNING. 

Simi D