Unwanted, undervalued, over looked and abandoned.  The resale/salvage market place overflows with quality  materials which worthies saving.  Production of stuff today is  incomprehensibly  never ending.  Currently,  the 100 billion units being produced yearly  across the globe by industry,  is set to triple in the next few years.  The years we are meant to be saving and sustainably shifting, industry has intentional plans to, despite what science is showing, just keep on expanding.  

I believe that all are accountable for taking sustainable action for ecology.  To choose and consume more considerately for the planet before everything.  Earths tipping points are tipping, and yet we have business as “toxic usual” still in the mixing.  How can we get anywhere in working through this dreaded waste chain,  if endless production keeps on increasing???  Cutting back is mandatory if we are to have any chance to stave off that which is coming.   We have a few years left to influence the severity.   A few short years to shift industry, and reshape a new mentality for rescuing and regenerating.  Recreating with the existing must replace this abusive allowance of toxic over producing, so the world can start healing and creating new  green economies.  So much awaits rescuing that is beyond worthy.  None more greater than ecology.  

#planetfirst is everything.

Okimmi by simi d is regenerating rescue into one of a kind collectable, tradeable artisty.  Proof.. the practice of considerate choosing, opens an endless vortex of righteous creativity. So whether baby sweaters become hats, or pants become sleeves what really matters most is that we start considerately choosing sustainably for ecology.  Collectively and accountably.

Simi D