Life is numbers… invisible mathematical equations that play themselves out, over and under. This endless trash mentality of humanity has imposed a count upon nature that unsustainably has released a vicious plunder. Our future is roaring with a threatening thunder. Ignoring it will not stop that which has rightly set us under. No attention is necessary while midst this global emergency as time will add, then subtract, our toxic choices naturally. The time to rearrange for sustainable change is upon humanity. The question is the same asked universally.. will we take action, or won’t we?

The world’s plan to make humanity sustainable is failing. Science can do more to save it

I recall as a child, other countries like the UK seemed so impossibly far away, that Texas was both my mental and physical stay. I could not have imagined back then the world we live in today. We are no longer separate, as technology is our global great connector in every way. Largely, we have become a universal world of influence in how we choose to get our things done. Showing every detail through social media platforms to literally everyone. How we choose inconsiderately, how our consumption overflows mathematically, shows the global masses that we value buying into toxicity. Thus promoting a plastic waste mentality of little care as the majority follows proudly. This unsustainable percentage of mass consumption has turned us into the plastic we keep mindlessly binning. Literally, and in this all are losing, not winning. Plastic has become the majority, the acceptable “new black” for over producing, and single using. Humanity, in comparison, is now ranked the minority to our waste which sits upon the earth leeching and collecting.