I’m often questioned on my way of making.  On understanding piecing and shaping.  For me, Okimmi is now a language spoken fluently. and one I wish to teach globally.  Creativity flows endlessly with my considerate “planetfirst” way of choosing.  Sounds simple because right most usually is. 
The hardest part is just getting out of the way so the magic can freely release.  With Okimmi design only happening  in-house two days a week, I create a 15 piece collection every two weeks.  All from piecing multiples to stack on and save.  Creative  innovation is a gift, and Okimmi teaches that it flows endlessly to those who consistently choose to rescue and serve ecology first.  Ignite the language of sustainability. 
The planet is waiting.  Choice matters greatly, choose wisely.  #planetfirst is everything.

Simi D