I always find myself frustrated in this “marketing” game of economy. Most especially when in use of ecology. Earth day is everyday and it warrants being considered daily. It’s exactly this which keeps us stagnent and bound to a self serving mentality.

In this, Okimmi is serving. Being one who is highly conscious in how Okimmi is presented in showing… I turn more shows down throughout the year then I end up taking. As it should be when serving sustainability yet, I am still a standard in growing. The Eco Channel has offered us a platform to show the artistry of considerate choosing, and we are taking. Stepping plate to prove up that choosing first for the planet first ignites endless creativity. I decided against the traditional format of “fashion” showing and have chosen instead to platform the artistry. Literally. Just models changing and up close showing, moving, feeling and even trying the magic that flows through Okimmi.

Shaving footprint off toxic industry runs nuch deeper than just the artistry. For me, every footprint taken by every team member counts accountably so, choosing wisely is a priority in planning. I booked 4 models to fit and told myself if these kids show up to work on time and with great respect for the mission then I would select. They took the footprint here.. so sustainably speaking.. if they rightly fit it.. they will earn the right to show it. I booked a mix of gender, size, shape so to test the depth of how I create. Challenging but Okimmi served each model endlessly as the fits kept on fitting regardless of their size differences. Each model took less than 1 1/2 to fit, style and shoot in house. Each were selected for showing Okimmi so the footprint taken is worthy. We completed two back to back model fittings yesterday, and in 5 hours total time, we had 4 fits selected for each, and shots taken and edited for use.

Different sizes, shapes and gender.
Flex is as important to sustainable shifting as considerately choosing. There’s a flow that comes from the sweet spot of right and Okimmi chooses smack dab its middle. Range, innovative artistry, and collectability all from rescue only. This is the palpable language of sustainable choosing.

Simi D