For me, circularity has an ongoing meaning.  One where we serve the needs of ecology by choosing considerately for planet before economy.  Hence ny mission to regenerate artistry from the unwanted existing.  100 billion units a year are being produced globally.  100 Billion, and the industry is said to be increasing.  What are we to do with the previous years billions, if we don’t start piecing with multiples and recreating?  How else, besides burning, shredding, dumping, or shipping and imposing are we to diminish from this pollution wastefulness when the tap keeps on pouring?  

We need a mass call to action sent out to all industry leaders that accountability is upon us.  The world is watching, and sees those joining hands to do right by the planet, and those accountably doing nothing.  We have entered a time of giving and serving for the righteous call of saving.  A time of cleaning, preparing and righting the wrongs we’ve been imposing. Okimmi is built on this mentality.  On distrupting industry toxicity by showing the magic that comes from piecing and shaping.  For example, sizing.  Here you see an example of mixed gender and sizes in the wearing.  Short, tall, big or small, male or female… range needs a range for many, not one created for singularity. Collecting and trading needs to replace this hard set ,imposed mentality of buying cheap and trendy for single use tossing.  

So much within corporate business needs shifting.  As one who comes to table without business and industry in my history.. I create and see more freely.  In this, offering a new sensibility that  only comes from the artistry of considerately choosing for the planet before economy.  The torch is lit and full burning, as earths tipping points are tipping.  Humanity and industry are bound to take sustainable action accountably.  To join hands in unity, to shift universally off this massive entitlement for endless polluting.  We have just entered the fourth month of this new year already.. ask yourselves how you and yours are shifting?  Without change, we are intently choosing.  Accountably, as the world is keenly watching.  Regenerating by piecing and shaping from our wasteful existing is impactfully working.  Change comes from many.  Collaboration for a global industry regeneration is true sustainable action.  Okimmi is here and serving.

Simi D