Stacking fast multiples. As a runner, I am born from a fast-paced mindset. A trained speedster in the realm of fashion where fast reigns supreme. For Nature, the fashion industry proves a formidable killing machine, demanding humanity be held accountable to initiate sustainable change.

Piecing together rescues in whole multiples, to innovate new shapes and functions not only chips away at the waste, but it revalues humanity’s wrongful devaluation for the economy it serves in the first place. This process cleans up space, and paves the way for a more sustainably considerate way to create. Speed becomes pivotal in cleaning and rescuing from the endless wrongful waste plaguing humanity, fostering a flow of simplistic yet complex creativity while intentionally reducing our footprint.

A reminder to think before we create as today, we have better knowledge and insight. The world sees the science plainly, and maintaining the status quo is a deliberate choice to remain toxic. Let’s accelerate the shift and take action. Planet first is everything. Get your speed on and start shifting.