Today, we SEE. We know better than enviornmentally. We know globally this great harm of humanity, and we see the price we are paying as one collective community.

Standing up against the majority is mandatory for true sustainability, as most stand to first serve economy. Hard stancing, so it’s a good thing I’m a warrior in my making. We cannot stay imposing these great wrongs upon ecology without accountability. Time has come to start serving as nature is rightly reacting.

The fashion industry is refusing to shift, as a whole, in serve of ecology. It is past time we stop these atrocities and take action upon this entitlement to pollute, waste, and destroy for support of toxic economy. Okimmi is proof that we CAN and ARE able to regenerate new from our existing. Cutting a whole new pattern for sustainable remaking, is the only way this Industry can accountably start saving. We see you today. The world is watching. Start shifting. We see the damage you are causing to the planet.
We see you. Collectively.
Accountability is coming.