We are staring ecocide smack center face but hey… we’re still stylishly trendy and economically on pace.

Industry has produced to such extreme amounts that it leaves us a never ending supply of “stuff” to recreate and innovate with and we cannot afford to stop. Not with this never ending lot. If we aren’t rescuing it, or consumers aren’t buying it, in the past they ‘ve chosen to burn, shred, or toss it. What wasteful, toxic and inconsiderate LOSS!!!
This need to keep dollars up, trends on top, and consumers focused in on the newest and coolest looks that pop, is a killing machine for Mother Earth.
Earths tipping points are scientifically proving that WE CANNOT KEEP THIS UP!

Where’s the shift? What is fashion doing to clean their “profits” up?? You don’t get to make and profit, pollute and then walk. Oh no, accountability runs much deeper than that. So we ask. What is “fashion” doing currently to shift for the planet first? Producing more toxic stuff? We see you leading industry so please, speak up! We see you globally, and we hold you accountable for the harms you are carelessly imposing on ecology. We stand collectively to ask one simple question that heeds answering. In call of sustainable shifting…what, if anything, are you and your companies accountably doing… now that you KNOW the global harm you are intentionally imposing??

Okimmi is here to prove to you that there are cleaner, more considerate ways to create.. but you are no where to be seen.
Refusing to shift sustainably for this global world that you have used for endless profiting.
Shifting to a more considerate way of producing, one which serves the planet rightly today is not a choice, it’s mandatory accountability.

Leaders.. the planet is screaming, monster storms are igniting, and the global world is intently watching. We need you to shift for change and courageously stand up! Lead the way.. take a new tack and for ONCE give back. Time is ticking we must come together collectively to start shifting for ecology.