Three to ones. So I figure with the fashion industries current estimated dump rate of 100 BILLION units per year globally.. we best start piecing in multiples to start sustainably saving. Whole multiples at that, because sustainably speaking means counting every footprint.

Okimmi is standing up first for ecology, so somebody can get this wheel turning. Sustainable change takes action and effort, lest we just keep on polluting. It’s one thing in ones past to not fully understand the whole negative impact industry imposes upon ecology. But once we know better, we are accountable for correcting.

My question is.. where is this owed sustainable shift happening in the fashion industry? Okimmi. Yes.. we are standing and proving the value of revaluing the existing as every one of a kind is made from curated rescuing. Three to ones removes three times as much from the dreaded waste chain. Revalues by conditioning a collectable, tradeable new sustainable economy. Resets and awakens a new mentality for considerate choosing. Piecing in wholes is not only working… what comes from this choosing is extraordinary.
Mens jackets are overflow within the waste chain flow.. we best get creating.