Working for sustainable shift. We ALL owe it. When you see people in the world actively serving it, it’s easy to comprehend the scale needed to impactfully turn it. This isn’t a job for one. Scientists, activists, ecologists, farmers the indigenous.. so many have paved a way for sustainable shift. Every industry and human being breathing must. When we produce an abusive amount of industry “stuff”… no scientist is necessary to tell us it must be accountably cleaned up. This is basic common courtsey, responsible kinda stuff. Yet.. the fashion industry apparently feels entitled to continue imposing on ecology with huge yearly toxic dumps. We must stand up.

Okimmi is stance. Proof that today we can be a home grown garage band and make it work. Look, this is serious stuff. Piecing and shaping while innovating to creatively clean the fashion industry up. How we choose is everything when you know how you’re choosing is harming. It takes an army to take on the truths of humanity and industry. An army. Where is everybody? What is the fashion industry doing to correct the wrongs they’ve been reaping and sowing? Where are you and how are you shifting? Corporate industry must start working with the creatives of the world to ingnite collaborative sustainability. Accountably and intently. We must start working collectively in serve of ecology through industry. Where are you.. Team work is mandatory so lets get to serving and work.

Building the team of Okimmi. Choice matters greatly. Shift for ecology.